Edif. PH Bella Luna, Of. 7A, 4th street, Vía España con Río Abajo, Balboa, Panama, City, Rep. of Panama
Urb. Ciudad Acuario, 3rd street, Of. 17, Puerto Armuelles Port, David City, Chiriqui. Rep. of Panama
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SHIPSAS Panama, S.A.

Logistics Agents & Technical Services supplier company, dedicated to perform logistics assistance with customs brokerage, trucking logistics, on-board delivery for spare parts in transit and a specialized as Technical Services supplier for safety equipment, container lashing material, reefer spare parts, engine measuring equipment (SIKA Germany), Lube oil dealers (REPSON Spain), fiber ropes and galvanized wire ropes (all with class certificates), for the maritime industry, mining camps and hydraulic systems.

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On-board logistics

Customs brokerage and handling for spare parts

Permits and licences

Operations and logistics offices at the Pacific and Atlantic sides

Over 10 years of experience

Over 10 years of experience

SHIPSAS PANAMA, S.A. has more than 10 years of experience at the Panamenian maritime industry, that started with the strong necessity to accomplish our clients needs with a fast acting response making sure that the job is well done, now days became in a strong partner to our clients for us been the support for their requirements with trust and quality in order to mantain our clients operations smoothly when calling Panama.

Experienced crew and technicians

Experienced crew and technitians

Our clients can contact us puttting their trust in our logistics crew giving us the opportunity to perform a variety of technical supplies and repair services with experienced technitians which our company is specialized with, in order to accomplish the job required.



Reefer spare parts & A/C cooling system repairs